Quick Outdoor Workout

If you feel like you are short on time and can’t fit in a workout, reconsider. Even 30 minutes can make a difference, and you can probably find 30 minutes somewhere in your day. Just get up a little earlier, or skip a television show, and you will have more time for staying healthy and fit. Below are a few ideas for a great cardio-blast 30 minute routine that you can do anywhere outside. You can even run to a park, or find the best place for you in your neighborhood, or in your own backyard.

Do the following exercises with 2.5 minutes for the activity, going to your max, and a 30 second break between each one if you need it

  1. warm up with active lunging–make the steps strong and long
  2. jump rope–if you don’t have an actual rope, just jump in place or do some form of plyometric jumps. (This video is a good demo and explanation of the jump if you need it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJ3l8BGyeBo )
  3. side shuffles, move fast, alternating to the right and to the left
  4. pushups–keep your core strong and make sure you are keeping the correct form. Drop to your knees if you need to.
  5. jump/jump rope again
  6. tricep dips–keep the movement fast and use your core to keep your hips lifted and you glutes and hamstrings strong. Your hands can be on the ground or a bench, chair, or ledge. Knees can be bent or legs can be extended.
  7. mountain climbers–with your hands on the ground, alternate taking one foot and then the other up between your hands. Change quickly as if you were running and with a little hop.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyeZM-_VnRc )
  8. pull ups, chin ups, or one arm plank (switch sides half way through)–depending on the equipment you have and where you are, just make sure to keep challenging yourself and keep moving.
  9. jumping jacks–if you are getting tired modify with strong stepping side lunges
  10. active standing ab crunch–place your hands behind your head and, keeping your chin toward your chest, curl in the same way you would crunch up. Keep your glutes and abs strong.  If you would like you can substitute with a regular crunch, lying on the floor or on a bench.