Cycling Tips

I just started bike commuting into town again for my work, and as part of my workouts, and it’s so great! I love that I can ride anywhere in Austin and do errands, go out to dinner, meet friends, and go to my job. I know it seems easier to just get in the car, but once you start (or re-start in my case) you may find that the little bit more time it couldĀ take is so worth it. To not be driving or in the car all of the time, and also to get the added benefit of a little exercise as you take care of your daily tasks is adding even more to my quality of life. We are in a town that has bike lanes and paths available and is a healthy culture, so be a part of it! Below are some tips to help you get your gear together and to motivate you to start pedaling everywhere you need to go.

1. Wear a helmet…no question it’s the only way to roll.

2. Bike bag–you will definitely want to have a backpack or some type of a bike bag attached to your bike to carry extra clothes, errands stuff, or whatever.

3, Bike lock–don’t forget to bring a lock so you can keep your bike safe and sound.

4. Water bottle –hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

5. Shoes–wear the right footwear, even if you are just running out..make sure it’s not flipflops.

6. Lights–remember a headlight and a back light for early mornings or dark and dusk…You want to be visible to cars and others.

7. Sunglass–even in low light these are great for eye protection in general.