Boxing Workout

We just added a MMA heavy bag to our home gym setup, so I am going to outline a great boxing workout. Even if you don’t have a heavy bag at home, look at your gym…most have them and they make for a great cardio and strength training combo.

Boxing Drills:

1. jump rope–10 min;

2. heavy bag punches–10min; You’ll want to try jabs, upper cuts, and straight punches. Make sure you lead with both sides an equal number of times.

3. crunches– 3 min; On the floor, regular ab crunches.

4. kicks– 7min; Try to kick high and use your glutes. Do a the same number of reps on each side, switching and then going back to the first side.

5. jump rope– 10 min

6. speed bag or heavy bag again– 10 min; If you have a speed bag, this is a great cardio burst by punching quick and fast. If you don’t have a heavy bag you can use the speed bag for both punching drill sets.

7. take a light jog or ride on a stationary bike– 10 min.

So that’s a great 60 min routine. You might choose to take parts out or move them around, depending on the equipment you have access to and the amount of time you have to spend. If you haven’t done some of these moves before, cut the time in half for each and start with 30 minutes and work up to an hour. You will definitely feel it!

For more details, see the following sites to learn about boxing form, sparring, shadow boxing, and other routines: (check out the middle part of this page for stance, footwork, and specific punches.)