Maintaining Fitness During Summer Travels

It can be challenging keep with your fitness routine during the summer months when you are traveling and staying in hotels or vacation rentals. Below are a few tips to help you stay fit and work your exercise in to your summer fun.

1. Book a reservation at a place that has a fitness center & use it! If it’s right in your hotel, go there…even for 30 minutes. Most of these fitness rooms have a treadmill and some other cardio and weight equipment. You can definitely do something that will help you stay on your regular activity plan.

2. If you are a runner, run around in your new locale to find out more about it. One great way to get your bearings after you fly to a new place is to explore it on foot…run, walk, and wander around.

3. Pack a jump rope…it’s an easy-to-travel with piece of equipment that can be used in a hotel room or outside in the parking lot!

4. Rent bikes as a way to sightsee. Another great alternative to driving around to see a new place, especially if it is bike-friendly and has trails.

5. Beach games are another great way to stay fit on a beach vacation…run or walk along the beach, surf, swim, play volleyball or any other sand sports that might be around. Even an hour or so can make up for any cardio workout you may be missing on your regular routine.

Remember that you can spare 30-60 minutes in the morning or evening to take some time for yourself and your health…and enjoy your new environment at the same time.