Free, Donation, and Community Classes

In Austin it has been a tradition for years to offer free yoga classes to the community on Labor Day. Tomorrow will mark the 14th year of the event and the community supporting it. It is always a day to try something new, with no commitment. The idea of giving a class for free used to be a bit unique I think, but now it is a trend that has picked up all over the country and for many types of classes. The initial idea surrounding the event in Austin was to take away any hesitation that a new student might have, and to eliminate financial barriers. Now, there are many donation based classes in town and many studios, yoga, barre, and fitness centers included, that offer discounted, donation based, or free classes for students. These classes are a way to give back to the community, and to enable those to attend who might not otherwise be able to. If you are at all hesitant about checking out a new exercise, trying a different class, or joining a new facility, don’t be. Ask for a free or discounted first time…with no commitment, and go check it out. It will allow you to do something you haven’t tried before, give you a chance to get to know the instructors, the space, and find out if it really will fit in to your routine. Then you can make the commitment if it’s right for you. Remember that what you do to stay healthy and active needs to work for you, and there is no way to know if something is right for you until you try it.  So take a look at what’s available in your area and get out of you old routine this week: go to a class at a place you have never gone to before, and give it a chance…even if you don’t go back, at least you explored something new!