Make Sure “Healthy” Meals are Healthy

If you are one of those people who goes for convenience when you are choosing your meals, below are some guidelines to help you make smart choices.

1. Read labels and be aware of overall calories.  Look at fat content and even if the labels say low fat or fat free, you should still be aware of what you are eating and what your food is made of.

2. Even if ti is from a health aware company or store, it may not be good for you. They still sell sugar and sweets which may compromise your diet.

3. Eating well doesn’t mean you can skip your workouts, And remember if you workout, you still need to watch what you eat.

4. Focus on whole, fresh foods instead of processed foods which tend to have more salt and additives and stay on the shelf longer.

5. Count your daily calorie intake and then figure out how many calories you are burning with your workouts. Being aware of your total input and output is a good way to maintain your health and nutrition.