How do you stay motivated to exercise, eat healthy, and maintain your fitness? With all of the distractions and other things you could do with your time, how do you prioritize and maintain an attitude that keeps you up and ready for your workout? Below are a few tips that might help you keep a positive and active perspective:

1. Choose something you enjoy and that makes you feel good about yourself. Remember how good you feel when need motivation for the next time!

2. Get your shoes and workout clothes ready and keep them in front of you as a reminder. It may seem corny, but making it handy and easy to get out the door makes a difference.

3. Incorporate it into your daily schedule as a priority. Put your workout on your calendar and keep your appointment with yourself and the others you exercise with.

4. If you enjoy working out with other people and a little friendly competition, schedule to meet up with others and let them help you with your motivation. If you know you will be leaving someone else on their own, you will be more likely to show up.

5. Keep a log to track your success…if you loose weight, run or ride further, or achieve any goal that you haven’t met before, use that to motivate you to keep going.

6. Get a coach or trainer if you would like to improve and be motivated through learning how to achieve your goals and refine your activities.

7. Reward yourself! Give yourself a treat when have a good workout.

8. Share your success and achievements with others. When you run a great race, or even just a little faster one morning, post it or blog about it so you can get some positive feedback from others.