Walking Workouts

Either on a treadmill or outdoors, varying your walking will help to make for a better workout and more benefits. Consider your terrain. Add some hills and more challenging inclines so that your heart rate will shift, and you will work different muscles in your legs. Also remember to change up your distance and speed. You can add a faster pace and longer strides or knee lifts to make things more interesting and challenging. Below is a simple sample workout.

1. Walk fast for 5 minutes, so that you are breathing heavily and can feel your heart rate rising. You can even do a slow jog or fast shuffle if that works for you.

2. Walk a more normal pace for you for 10 minutes, but try to take bigger steps with longer strides.

3. Fast again for 5 minutes.

4. Alternate with lifting your knees higher and swinging your arms more, and then walking more deeply and with longer steps for 10 minutes.

This is 30 minutes…do it again to create a 45 minute or hour long workout that suits you.