Desk Stetches

Whether you work at a computer all day, or just sometimes, the effects on your neck, shoulders, back, and hips, can build up over time, causing tightness and eventually limited mobility. You can prevent some of these negative results if you remember to be aware of the setup at your desk. Make sure you have a keyboard and chair that are supportive and the right size for you, as well as monitors at the appropriate height and angle. Also try to get up and move around every hour or so, just a quick walk away and back, standing and stretching, or doing some of the following movements to counteract the posture of sitting at a computer and desk.

1. Place the ankle of one foot over the thigh of the opposite leg to stretch your outer hips.

2. Extend one arm up alongside your ear, bend at the elbow and reach your hand between your shoulder blades or to the back of your head or neck.

3. While sitting, turn slightly to one side, put your hands on the back of your chair and twist more deeply to that side, and then the other.

4. Drop your chin to your chest and hold, gently roll your right ear to your right shoulder and hold, roll through center and release your left ear to your left shoulder.

5. Stand, using your chair to help with balance, bend your knee so your foot kicks your butt. Try to grab the top of your foot with your hand and stretch the front of your thigh, keeping your knees even.

6. Clasp your hands, interlacing your fingers, and then rotate your palms forward and stretch across the top of your back and shoulders.

7. While standing, place the heel of your foot on the seat of your chair and lean slightly forward, using the chair or desk for support if you need it, to stretch the back of your leg.