Cold Weather Workouts

As a wintery blast hits most of the country, it’s even more challenging to stay motivated to leave the house and workout. So if you don’t want to go outside and don’t have access to a gym, remember you can always do an indoor workout at home that might be even more challenging than your regular routine, since it will be new and different.

To get your cardio routine in, consider using a jump rope or maybe even another piece of indoor equipment if you have one, such as a treadmill or elliptical machine. They can be worth the investment if you have the space at home and don’t want to pay a monthly gym payment. Another option is buying an indoor trainer to put your bike on if you already have a road bike. Then set it  up in a place that is comfortable and where you will go to use it. If you hate the basement don’t put it in the basement. I like to be able to look out the window, maybe you want the TV. Whatever it takes so that you will actually go there and use the machine. Listen to music, a podcast, or an audio book so that you will stay on the machine. It’s sometimes harder to put in the same amount of time as you would outside, so make it fun and interesting for yourself. You can always do interval training and drills that you make up to challenge yourself. You might also be able to find videos on YouTube or Hulu that are free workouts that you can follow. Since this will be a different workout for you, you might actually get different benefits and be challenged in different ways. Just remember, don’t skip just because it’s cold or bad weather out. Change it up and find something inside that you like to do. Add some weights and your strength training too, and you can create an overall body routine from free videos and TV programs that will at least help you maintain your fitness during these colder months.