Varying Your Workouts

Being aware of creating a fitness schedule and plan for yourself that has a variety of workouts and intensity levels can assist you in maintaining or increasing your fitness level, Changing things up on a schedule that includes high intensity and moderate intensity strength, cardio, and flexibility training will create a well-rounded and diverse plan for you, so you are always challenged and never bored. This will provide a variety of activities and challenges and allow you to look forward to something different every day! If you like the organization of tracking your workouts on a calendar, scheduling them is a great way to stay on track too, so you know what you did last time and what the next workout should be. Samples of some of your choices are below:

High Intensity Interval Training with Variable Recovery:

6 sets of 4 minutes of cardio at a maximum effort with recovery time progressively varied from 1-4 minutes in between.

Sprint Interval Training:

3-4 sets of high intensity cardio effort of thirty seconds each with 4.5 minutes of active recovery, meaning a less intese effort of the same activity.

Resistance Training:

Complete the following exercise in pairs at a resistance level that allows for twelve reps each time and the ability to complete the entire circuit six times: bench press & bent over row; split squat with alternating legs forward; military press & abdominal crunch; biceps curl & triceps extension; half squat & lateral raise

Moderate Intensity Steady State:

Cardio activity for 30-60 minutes at a moderate activity level in which you can carry a conversation the entire time.