Changing Things Up!

I know this intellectually, but I actually experienced the effects this week. Changing my workouts over the past seven days turned out to be more effective than staying with my regular schedule. Because of the weather, working from home, being inside more, and having less time this past week, I did a few different workouts and exercised at different times of the day then I typically would, and I felt it! My arms were sore from yoga, my glutes were sore from barre class, and I sweated more than I ever could have running outside from my indoor bike workout. So having new things thrown into your days and weeks doesn’t mean you can’t exercise just because you can’t do your planned or typical routine. Be open and creative to come up with something else to do and maybe you will be surprised by the results, and feel them like I do. Flexibility with your time and routine can be just as instrumental in keeping you fit as having a routine is.

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