I saw an article recently about SURFSET which is a type of workout and a company that sells surfboards that you can use to workout on inside. It’s a great concept and re-enforces something that isn’t new, but with a surfboard has a new twist. Being able to balance and handle the instability of what happens on a surfboard, or a bosu, or a balance beam, or a stability ball…is all related with different props. The concept is to allow your body to learn how to stabilize and to develop stabilizing muscles and responses when your body experiences in unstable situation. The ability to stay upright, recover from wavering and unpredictable movements, is a great athletic skill and is about working the entire body, front and back core, arms and legs.


If you are interested in props to help you with this type of training, check out SURFSET,  Bosu, PowerSystems, Balance Board, or talk to your gym or personal trainer about what options they  have that you already have access to.  Working a balance board, stability training, and this type of conditioning into your workout is something you don’t want to forget about. Maintaining the skill and agility of what this conditioning and workouts provides is an asset to other sports and activities and will help improve your overall health and fitness level.