Tips for Losing Weight

Exercise is great and can be a good addition to help with weight maintenance or loss, but it’s not going to make up for poor nutrition, or inactivity throughout the rest of your day. If you run or walk for 30 minutes once a day, you can’t really expect that to make up for poor eating habits, or sitting for 8-10 hours. Below are some tips about watching what you eat, and incorporating more activity into every day, so your health and weight aren’t dependent on one bout of exercise.

1. Walk whenever you can and take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park farther away, take the long way around the building, or walk the halls of your office a few times a day.

2. Try not to depend on machines too much. Remember not to lean into an exercise machine while you are working out. Try not to rest on them, or be sloppy with your form while on the treadmill, elliptical machine, or bike. Holding yourself up and keeping the correct form can really change the number of calories you burn. And don’t always believe that it as many as they say. A lot depends on your fitness level, target heart rate, and your power output.

3. Even though you exercise, that doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. There is still the basic calories in, calories out concept that keeps your weight in check. Many people don’t realize how many calories they eat, and how small the number of calories they burn is. Keeping an accurate check by writing down everything you eat is always helpful.

4. Try to approach your daily living and lifestyle with more of an overall healthy attitude. Consciously choose to eat healthy, whole, unprocessed foods. Look at these chooses and your desire to keep moving as a positive way to feel good about yourself. Not a chore, a sacrifice, or something that you are giving up.

5. Also remember to get enough sleep, try to keep a stress-free home life, and laugh and have fun as much as possible.