Remember as the heat and humidity pick up this summer to pay attention to your hydration while you workout. It doesn’t matter if you are indoors or out, you may be more dehydrated in general because of the weather, and then adding to it with your workout. If you are thirsty drink water! Remember to replenish about every 20 minutes if you are thirsty and take note of some of these tips. And keep in mind, even in this weather, it is also possible to drink too much water:

The average person gets about 20% of their water for the day from food.

You can become dehydrated in as little as 30 minutes.

Drink two cups of fluids (16 ounces) two hours before a workout to help you maintain hydration.

Alcohol is dehydrating.

How much fluid you need depends upon several things, including: age, gender,  weight, overall health and fitness, your workout environment.

You lose about 10 or more cups of water every day just living: breathing, sweating, urinating, etc.

Sodium is something your body needs when you’re trying to rehydrate, either during or after exercise.