Tips to Keep You Moving Even in Summer’s Heat

It seems like, at least in the South, when it gets hotter during this part of the summer it’s harder to stay motivated to exercise, particularly outside. The heat and humidity can be challenging, and vacations and time off from work or school cause more interruptions.  It’s hard to keep a regular routine and still enjoy relaxation or less daily structure at this time of year. So for some inspiration, I found a few articles about how to motivate, push yourself, and keep your exercise and routines fresh and new. Some of the tips include using different music, trying new types of classes, giving yourself rest breaks in between high intensity pushes, and being prepared with your routine, hydration, and nutrition so that you can maintain your energy, even in the heat. Learning more about different exercising options, including trying a machine you typically don’t get on at the gym, or specifically thinking about each exercise as you perform it and how to keep proper form, can also make a difference. These tips might even be more accessible during these summer months because a different schedule or a little bit more free time, is available. Here are some links for more suggestions and ideas: