Drinking Calories

Just a reminder: everything you put into your body that has calories counts, even if it’s a drink. In the summer when you might need more hydration, or feel thirstier more often, don’t forget to look at the nutrition information on your liquid intake too. Gatorade, Vitamin Water, healthy juices, whatever you are doing to maintain hydration in the summer can be great, but just don’t forget to add it to your daily calorie count. Stop one day and add up all of the calories for the beverages that you have that day and then see if you eliminate that what happens. Try water or seltzer that is fizzy, with no calories, and see if that makes a difference. You will still be getting your hydration, but not the extra calories. Some people gain weight when they are exercising more, and it’s just a  matter of consuming high calorie liquids, not even eating too much.